walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: children's museum FAIL, groceries, nanowrimo

I took A. to the Children's Museum, forgetting that they weren't opening to the public until 11:30 a.m. this morning. D'oh. A. was mad, so we stuck around and she played in the fenced front yard for a while.

B. tried to take her to music class at 10:30. That too failed, because A. fell asleep in the car and then stayed asleep for two and a half hours. Double d'oh. They went to lunch afterwards.

I picked up groceries at Roche Bros on the bike by myself (much easier that way), and then later went to Idylwilde with T. to get some other things. So that was three trips on two bikes, one bike in two configurations (with and without trailabike), ignoring the fourth trip to pick T. up at the school. Once again with my chorus of I'm-so-tired-and-eating-everything-in-sight. Good thing I keep buying more groceries.

Nanowrimo continues apace. I failed to write yesterday, because T. wasn't in school, so I had A. while T. hung out with B. I doubled dipped, today, so I am once again caught up, for suitably silly definitions of caught up. In any event, I just broke 40K words. It is very, very stream of consciousness.

In other excitement, the postal carrier delivered a box requiring a signature. Yes, the box from A'dam containing two voetenzak (probably twee voetenzaken, but don't hold me to that). I Wanted Them and I Got Them. What does this mean? I now have the equivalent of a stroller muff for each of the Bobikes fore and aft on the Townie. Hopefully, pictures will one day occur.
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