walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: bank, children's museum, consignment shop

I love that consignment store.

Veteran's Day means no school, so B. had T., and I had A. all day. We started by going to the Children's Museum, this time _with_ a change of clothes so when she (predictably) got soaked at the water table (those aprons are waaaay too big for her), I could change her and we could see the rest of the place. We rode the bike instead of taking the stroller this time; much easier. I am lazy.

After we got back, we took the van part way to Concord to go to the bank, but she fell asleep on the way so I turned around and we hung out until she woke up and then we went back. When I got there, I thought, crap, it's Veteran's Day, but they were open so that worked out anyway.

After lunch, I called the consignment shop to find out if the knock-off wooden balance bike had a price yet. It did, so A. and I took the bike (these were all on the Townie) to West Acton to get the other bike. While we were there, we also bought T. a puzzle, A. two more pairs of shoes (too big for her, but very cute), and a Backyardigans book. Which reminds me: I want to get the Noisy Jungle Babies books for A. They have them at the Children's Museum and A. seems to like them. We got everything home, without losing so much as a binky. You may not be impressed, but I am.

No writing today, but I read a few highly interrupted pages of _Getting There_, which isn't much as history, but is moderately entertaining. It's yet another example of not-nearly-enough-coverage of how the government in the US took over the operation of the railroads during US involvement of WWI.

Speaking of transport and government policy, Oberstar voted for the Stupak amendment on the House's version of the health care bill. I'm not a single issue voter, except when I am, and right at the moment, I do not care that Oberstar helped get bike paths and so forth money from the gas tax pot o' gold. I'm just feeling very cranky that he voted for the Stupak amendment.
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