walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

again with the tired

Picked T. up at the school, went home, got my wallet, took T. to Roche Bros. Came back home, unloaded the groceries. Took T. to the playground where he refused to get off the bike (all of this by bicycle). Continued to the consignment shop, where they were processing a balance bike they'd just gotten in. Yum. Waiting to hear what the price is. Continued to Idylwilde, which was closed. Continued past Idylwilde, at which point T. started leaning forward and trying to extract a diaper from the panniers that are attached to the rear rack. Told T. we'll change him at Papa's work. Get to Papa's work, call papa, papa takes T. in for a diaper change. Ride the bike home with T.

Also, really hungry. These are all short rides. I do not understand.
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