walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: more bicycling, writing, groceries, cooking

I made a very tasty stir fry today and got the fried tofu almost exactly right. We have a wok ring. I should probably get a wok. I don't think I want to argue with R.'s rolled steel wok; he'll probably decide I destroyed the seasoning on it or something.

I picked T. up at the school, and then later I took him to Idylwilde. Where it turns out they stock Stonyfield Farms Frozen Yogurt Gotta Have Vanilla. Previously, we had to go to the Groton Shaw's to get that, since Roche Bros. didn't carry it, and we hadn't found it at either the Acton or the Littleton Donelan's either. This is extremely exciting. As, of course, is all the wonderful produce at Idylwilde, like lacinata kale, which I've now forgotten to buy twice.

I'm up to 30083 over on the not really a novel memoir that I'm doing for NaNoWriMo.

Best of all, T. and I finally got to _go inside_ at the model railroading center. The hours are interesting: evenings MWF and then all day Saturday. We headed out on the bike to get there around 7. T. lasted about ten minutes, but it was an extremely on task 10 minutes of him pushing the button to make the biggest gauge train go around and watching it go, and occasionally trying out the other buttons to do the other gauges. The guy running the place was very, very sweet. If you have a yen for the model railroads (or not so model railroads -- they have videos), I highly recommend a visit. I'm very tempted to go back and check the stock out. He carries used stuff you can't buy new anymore.

Yeah, okay, I'm going to keep resisting that temptation.
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