walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

This Weekend's Activities Include:

Let's see if I can even remember. I took T. to Roche Bros. both mornings. We went on an evening ride to Idylwilde and around part of West Acton on Sunday night. T. behaved Much Better at the horse this weekend. R. continues to take him swimming. Finally, new swimming trunks for T. arrived; the previous set disappeared somewhere between the post office and us. Could be our fault. Could have been stolen from the mailbox. Including by my son. Who knows, but they are definitely gone.

There were some other outings: R. took T. to the park a couple times. R., A. and I went to Not Your Average Joe's for lunch on Saturday. We took the bikes. I'm at 27656 over on my not-really-a-novel for NaNoWriMo, so I took a break today. I read a great trashy novel; review probably won't show up until Monday because I'm tired.

We all walked to the hardware store to get better childproofing, because A. figured out T.'s little trick with the childproofing and can open some cabinets. This is why I prefer Tot Locks, but R. keeps experimenting with less permanent options. *shrug* He proposed giving away the Kozy (a mei tei, not a drink, a baby carrier), since he has started using the Sutemi with A. I protested, saying it was still usable as a backpack, in many ways nicer than the Ergo, altho less good with cargo in that it doesn't have a diaper backpack that attaches to it.

I'm sure other things happened, altho I couldn't tell you right now what they might have been.

There are not one, but two heads of cabbage in the fridge. One is a napa cabbage, which I'm very tempted to turn into potstickers. I have ginger and I have tofu; do you think it would work? Pork is traditional. The other is a beautiful, huge purple cabbage. I'm thinking cole slaw. I've been eating a lot of cole slaw since I finally figured out to use prepared mustard instead of powdered mustared.
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