walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

very, very tired

Clinic meeting at the preschool went well. T. declined R.'s offer to go swimming and it's a good thing, too. He had the runs later on in the evening, and that would have been awful in a pool.

I tried to take T. to the park after school, but he didn't want to get off the bike. So we went to Citizens Free library, where we went in, looked around briefly, left, went back in, left again, tried to go back in, but at that point, I called a halt, because he seemed a lot more interest in messing with the light switch and the librarian's highlighter than, say, looking at books.

We rode past the model railroading place, but while it was open today, it was only open for a couple hours in the evening. Eventually, we went back home, and when we went for a second bike ride, we went to Roche Bros. I tried to get T. to go into TJ Maxx, or to get some food at Friendly's, but he was not interested. He was interested in some deli turkey, and some Better Cheddars. It was really dark by the time we left, but not raining. Glad we have lights.

And now I'm really tired.
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