walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

professional day at the school

So B. has T. and I have A. R. brought the Fit down to the formerly Mobil gas station, now an unbranded gas station with three bays, to get the oil change that has been delayed for almost too long. We didn't want both vehicles in the shop, and the van was in for body work on the bumper for several days over in West Acton. Both locations are ideal, in that it is possible to bicycle or walk to and from, thus simplifying pickup and drop off of a car. T. and I rode the bike to get the van yesterday; R. met us there on his way home from work.

We went on a family bike ride down to the Ace Hardware store next to the gas station to pick up the bacteriostatic fluid (which I think is quaternary ammonia diluted extensively) for the humidifiers. I had been thinking maybe we could then pick up the car if ready, but it wasn't, and in any event, neither bike fits into the Fit in a straightforward fashion. Note to self: maybe a roof rack? Of course, we all know how well roof racks and I get along. :(

T. and I went back on foot to get the car a little later.

After hanging out with A. for a few hours, I put her in the bath when I noticed her feet has some hard, scaly skin on the top and sides. She had a ton of fun running back and forth in the tub, and didn't want to get out when I first tried to take her out. Eventually, however, she decided she'd had enough, and by then her feet were nice and soft and the hard and scaly came right off with a little gentle rubbing. A lot of gentle rubbing, actually. That and a little lie down boob and off to sleep, very unfortunate timing, since it means I can't go for my 2 p.m. walk unless I'm willing to wake her up. Which I am definitely not.

I'm thinking back to NaNoWriMo. I did a shade over 3500 words last night, so I'm on top of things, but the days tick by fast.
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