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A. was cranky, so I did not attempt to take her out for an errand before B. arrived. This may have been a mistake. Once B. arrived, it rapidly became clear that A. _wanted_ to go do something, _expected_ to go do something and was cranky because we were all being so boring.

It's sad when you can bore a toddler to screaming frustration.

Once A. was happily out the door with B. to go to the children's museum, I drove out to Concord to go to the bank, but I took the route I would probably use if I bicycled. I think R. is right that this is well within my capacity. I also think that in conjunction with everything else I wanted to do it would have completely wiped me out. Next month, I guess.

I did bicycle out to mail a package from the West Acton post office and along the way, I did what I always do: look at all the vacant commercial space and see if there has been any activity. West Acton used to have a train station; in the course of consolidating, that went away, but the old buildings that clustered around the train station remain and act as incubators, albeit not always tremendously successfully. It's cute, and one of those buildings houses the place I get my hair cut at. One of the buildings used to house a toy store, apparently a very nice toy store with gorgeous toys that they let you play with but was always empty. It was gone by the time I arrived, and I've been hoping all these months that something (ideally child oriented) would appear in its place.

And it finally happened: Buttons & Bows is a consignment shop for baby, little kids (looks like up to 7 or 8 or so) and maternity wear, and includes at least some gear (bouncers, a double strollers, a couple tricycles) altho not a lot of toys. I got A. a pair of boots (which I will not describe because I'm actually a little surprised I bought them) and T. a complete matching snow outfit. Chocolate brown pants, coat, muff, hat, gloves, altho no boots, and the brands and accent colors vary -- someone painstakingly assembled it and when the kid outgrew it brought it in. The shop had broken it up, but when they saw I'd reassembled pants and coat, they hauled the rest of it out for me. $80, total.

I had planned to go to Roche Bros. for the rest of the grocery list after, but with a full pannier, I figured I'd better stop home first. Along the way I spotted R., whose daughter, son-in-law and grandkids live two doors down from us, pushing the aforementioned granddaughter in a stroller. I slowed down enough to chat and tell her the new consignment shop had opened. She was excited at the prospect of unloading a garage full of kid crap that the grandkids have outgrown.

A quick turnaround, and back to Roche Bros to get groceries; round trip including shopping (and having to clean up after a broken egg that spilled on my scarf. *grrr*) was just about exactly 40 minutes. Just enough time left before my 2 p.m. walk to put everything away, blog in narcissistic detail about it all and have another snack, because I cannot seem to figure out when meal time is today.
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