walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Happy Alowine, er, Halloween

We went trick or treating around the loop. T. got tired because of all the long driveways and so forth, so about a third or so through we just walked and didn't go get more candy. We only had one person attempt to get T. to talk, and I shut him down as quickly as I could. That really annoys me. We go to a certain amount of extra effort to shepherd T. through this process in the hopes that it might be fun and it might connect him to mainstream kid culture; I just do not need additional pressure.

B. and B. held down the home front while R., T., A. and I hit up the neighbors for candy. It was especially nice that T. and I knew a lot of people because of our bicycling the neighborhood and chatting with people during the summer. R. took pictures; hopefully some will turn out. A. mostly sat and cooked in her costume. She was a little cranky by the time we got home altho some of that was teething. It was still about 70 degrees after dark. Windy, too.

We went out during the first chunk of the two hour hoover up candy event. B. and B. left around 7:30 so we caught the last of the stragglers. R. had bought candy and pretzels (packaged appropriately) and little raisin boxes (not so much, but people took them anyway). Almost all the candy is gone (of what we bought) and about half the pretzels and raisins, thus leaving us only with T.'s take to cause problems.

It was a lot of fun.
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