walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

economics and history

Just up front, I already own _Enterprise of Law_, so if you're thinking of recommending that as a solution to this book search, well, it won't help.

Listening to a whole lot of really nutty right wingers claim that what is shaping up to be a fairly crappy national high risk pool somehow constitutes socialism (more so than having a "free" road systme, no less) has gotten to me over the last few weeks. (Altho when Bachman calls it socialization, I cannot help but giggle helplessly.) Is there a book out there that does a 50,000 foot view of All Recorded Civilizations, categorizing them by the kind of economic system they had? Obviously, this wouldn't be, Britain = blah, since Britain would have to be broken up into when it was feudal and when it was mercantilist and so forth.

I'm pretty sure that whoever and however this book was put together, I would have endless complaints about it, but I'd kinda like to have a copy so I can pick it to pieces. In particular, I harbor a suspicion that our classification scheme of kinds of economies would not hold up pretty well if applied across a wide swathe of time and space.
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