walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

both kids on the townie

Today, child care had other caretaking responsibilities, so A. and I hung out. She napped from about 12:45 to 2:45, thus awake and safe to ride the bike to go pick up T. We took the Townie, because I didn't want to deal with him deciding to mess with his helmet on the trailabike (I was prepared to ignore helmet removal in the Maxi on the Townie), much less spontaneous dismounting (which is a lot harder for him to attempt from the Townie). We got some help from his aide at the preschool so he wouldn't run away. We unexpectedly had to find space to pack not only his little backpack (which I was expecting), but also a pillow, a sheet (his nap supplies are never used, so they decided to send them home. Today.), and a pair of pants that had gotten wet on the slide. Not, interestingly enough, his costume, which I need to retrieve tomorrow so he can go trick or treating at R.'s job tomorrow afternoon

We made it home just fine, altho the cargo turned out to be interfering with steering a little, making me feel wobbly. But we were good. J., our neighbor, said I looked a little concerned while steering us all home. It was fun, in that sort of holy shit I'd better not fuck this one up way. R. helped us dismount once we arrived at home.

No pictures, I am sad to say.
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