walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

trader joe's

We were running low on the oh so delicious sunspire chocolate chips. In an effort to avoid a drive out to Groton, I thought I'd check and see what Amazon had, but the review page I found wasn't enthused about the kosher chips they carry. OTOH, they were enthused about the Trader Joe's chips. And there's a Trader Joe's in Acton. Of course, it is over on Great Road, which thus far I have been reluctant to bike to or on. Today, however, I decided that that is a bunch of foolishness on my part. I'd _walk_ over there so there was no reason not to bike, given it is only just barely outside my 3 mile walking radius.

Off on the Bianchi in my new shell (thumbs up on that), with gloves, a scarf, the windstopper beanie that fits under my helmet. I knew from previous scouting that Concord Rd had sidewalks the whole way, so I didn't even pretend to ride in traffic until I got to Great Road, at which point I exploited a combination of wide shoulders, sidewalks and strip mall parking lots to avoid the cars. No bike rack that I saw at the strip mall, but there were indeed Kosher Parve chocolate chips (also Lundberg rice cakes, candied ginger and tamari almonds). As always, I am perpetually disappointed by the scarcity of organic choices there, but otherwise, a happy outing and a successful return trip.

Going up the hill on Concord, however slowly, reminded me why cotton makes for such a lousy layer on a bicycle in cold weather. Note to self: break out the synthetics and/or wool next time.

And I now have supplies for making snack, which is Very Important.

The organic brown extra large eggs even survived the bumpy return unharmed. Egg cartons are magical.
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