walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

a beautiful day in the neighborhood

We started with a trip to the park on Martin Street. I took A. in the Maxi on the Townie; R. took T. on the Bianchi with the Kazoo. A. ran around on the grass and I pushed her on the swing. T. played on the slide and then R. pushed him on the swing. Mostly parallel play.

When R. and T. went to go see the horse, I noticed that R. had put the windscreen on the Townie, which I had ordered from Longleaf Bicycles, because they're in my timezone, unlike my other favorite bike shop, Clever Cycles, in Portland, OR.


I popped the Mini on the Townie, slid a couple grocery bags under the cargo net and A. and I went to the grocery store. A. grabs the windscreen, so it's a constant struggle to peel her little fingers off and park them on the handlebar underneath my hand, but other than that the windscreen does exactly what it's supposed to do: keep cold wind out of the little one's face. I'm betting that once I get the muff, I could put A. in a relatively ordinary winter coat and stick her in the muff behind the windscreen and ride the bike with her on a 30 degree day and risk overheating her. Should be fun finding out.

I put most of the groceries in the Maxi behind me; the rest went onto the tray. I've been trying very hard to minimize what I put on that tray because it impacts steering (I want a FR8! Workcycles claims its front tray doesn't impact steering.). I started out kinda slow leaving the store and sure enough, it took a few yards to figure out how to cope with the extra load there.

Before we went to the park in the morning, I took T. out for a walk around the neighborhood. This is a lot of fun, but he was coughing for the first half, and for the second half he kept trying to take his clothes off. This is a little frustrating.
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