walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

busy thursday, cycling Friday

Yesterday sort of disappeared into a visit to friends in New Hampshire (very wonderful conversation and cookies) and photographs in the park in the afternoon. Today, I got my glasses fixed; T. had wrenched them off my face one too many times and one of the screws gave in. It has been replaced with screw tight so hopefully that won't happen again. I got my hair cut, which should have happened a couple weeks ago, but I had to cancel when I lost child care. R. went to see the natural resources guy at town hall, a little late, but found out what the process would be to put in a garden and a playset and comply with the wetlands law. I rode the bike out to West Acton for the haircut and when I got back, T. wanted to go for a ride, so we went to the grocery store for a few things. By the time we went back home, it was full dark and hard to get cars to stop to let us cross the street, so I waved my headlight at them. That got 'em to stop. ;-)

We were nice and warm in our winter coats.

R. and I had lunch at Not Your Average Joe's. I had a beer, because wow I cannot believe what happened to AMZN today.
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