walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Busy weekend

Saturday we got our picture taken at Yuen Lui (which we do every few months). Then we went to Nordstroms and bought Teddy shoes, so they took a picture of him (old fashioned instamatic, so we got the picture right away in the old way, not the New Digital Way) and gave him a Nordy doll. Haven't seen one of those in probably thirty years. Weird.

Then we went home and nursed and napped and had lunch, and then off to J & J's new place to hang out in the back yard for several hours. Teddy had great fun exploring leaves and bits of grass and detritus (such as a tiny plastic sword from a toy, lost by some previous child in the yard). Home again home again jiggety jig, where Teddy had well and truly expired.

Today we went to U Village, where Teddy got to play in the playspace, while I went to Kids Club to find a suitable toddler b-day present for a toddler whose age I have forgotten (I think she just turned five, but it might be 4). I bought modeling clay. When I put the present (wrapped, and some more diaper covers as well in the bigger size and different type that is working out well) in the car, I noticed I had cleverly parked in front of the lingerie shop I was looking for, so I popped in and tried on their only 36H in stock (underwire, but it actually seemed to fit. But underwire. Pretty, and $100, but underwire. Hrm.). Left my name and number in case they get more 36Hs or close-enough sizes in while I think about underwire. Risky business that.

Back to the playspace, then we all tromped over to Blue C Sushi, which is one of those sushi on a conveyor belt places, fastest time for food into mouth of any place I've ever been (Common Man would be as fast, but I can't eat most of the stuff they have available for people who are waiting to be seated). Fun. I got an avocado roll (among others) and gave Teddy some. He liked the avocado and had a few bites before deciding enough was enough. Then home again for nurse and nap.

Then off to Volunteer Park wading pool (oooh, water features!) for the toddler birthday party. The present went over very well (mama was hoping for art supplies -- yay!), and another friend met us while we hung out at the pool watching Teddy deal with falling over. He wasn't too happy at first, but got the hang of water-in-the-face. Then home again for nurse and nap. Long one this time -- 2 plus hours, so R. got a bike ride and I read and napped. Out again to Judkins Park to put Teddy on the swings and let him run around on the field. And run and run and run and run. Was not interested in the stroller (why do I bother? I should just get a cart to carry shit around. It's not like the kid is ever in that thing). Eventually got back to the apartment where he watched us putter until again, enough was enough. And now he sleeps.

Really amazing weekend. He seems to be over the cold, and his allergies are also reduced. He's still teething, but it's bearable with a little gum massage. I can't believe how much stuff we did without any major meltdowns or anything. Very fun. Probably will never happen again.

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