walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

baby in the maxi

Yesterday, B. took T. up to Brookline to eat Swedish pancakes which R., her grandfather, was making. This left A. and I in the afternoon to entertain ourselves. Since I'm _finally_ not running (much of) a fever, I took her on the Townie to CVS to get the prescription for T. (liquid zyrtec, only the generic which I cannot spell yet). I figured since she keeps wailing and complaining about wanting to sit facing forward in the stroller (instead of facing the person pushing her), she could give the seat behind me on the bike a try, saving me from the tiny amount of time it takes to put the mini in place and also improving, marginally, my view of the sidewalk in front of me which I knew was going to be dodgy going to the strip mall.

She was cool with it, altho I kept nervously wanting to look at her. We got the prescription and a couple binkies, one of which she promptly lost on the return trip. Once home, we saw the neighbors were out playing, so we joined them, or they joined us, or something, and eventually three kids, two mothers and one dog all went on a walk down Spencer. One kid was on a bike. One kid was on foot. One kid was in a stroller. We did at least a mile, possibly a lot more, since the kid on the bike and the kid on foot were doing a fair amount of back and forth -- the kid in the stroller and the dog on the leash not having a lot of choice, and as a adults, the two mothers were conserving their energy. It was a lot of fun.
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