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On the one hand, it's a little early in the year. On the other hand, we all have persistent coughs. On the one hand, it's yet another way to consume electricity. On the other, we all have persistent coughs. And dry skin.

R. had kept his probably-acquired-used humidifiers for a decade or more, until we finally got a whole-house humidifier. Then we moved, after getting rid of the old ones (don't worry -- they went to new homes). After a few days of delay (and the preschool getting ever more antsy about the persistent cough), I finally said enough and took A. down to the hardware store (yes, a neighborhood hardware store, that normally I would walk or bike to, but I was concerned the boxes would be too big to get home, especially with A. Also, it was around dusk), where we bought a small one for T.'s bedroom, and a big one for the downstairs. The big one is weird: it's basically a bucket with a fan on the top and this weird filter/wick thing in the middle. It's difficult to believe something this minimalist can possibly be safe to have around small children. I will be watching carefully to see how they react to it.

In the meantime, _I_ think T. slept better last night, altho possibly that's just because I left the noise machine on last night so he didn't wake me up with the coughing. I definitely slept better, but not due to the humidifier. I am definitely coughing less today, now that the humidifier is running downstairs. We'll see how my skin does.
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