walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Your exercise program might be thoroughly integrated in your life...

Your exercise program might be thoroughly integrated in your life when you try, really, really hard, not to do anything and fail. I canceled my walk today, got back to the house about 4 minutes late for it, and my walking partner hadn't received the e-mail and showed up anyway, so I went anyway. I handed R. the job of picking T. up at the school on the bike, and despite having B., since R. was messing with beans and a pressure cooker when T. was adamantly wanting a ride on the bike, I still wound up taking T. over to Gardner. I had asked R. to come trade off with me, but by the time he showed up, T. was ready to leave. And despite trading the Bianchi for the Townie, I _still_ had T. on the bike I was pedaling, because T. opted to ride on the seat instead of the trailabike.

It may not be much of an exercise program, but even when I'm running a fever of over a 100 degrees, I still seem to engage in it.
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