walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

sanjay gupta on stephen colbert last night

Watching it on the tivo, a couple of observations. (1) I think that guy has serious heels on. Hard to tell in the shadows. (2) If you want to save money by doing end of life counseling, by not doing extraordinary interventions unless the person _really_ wanted them and it makes some kind of sense, and by stopping doctors from spending millions of dollars just to cause a lot of pain and not accomplish anything we would collectively recognize as reasonable, this is _exactly_ the kind of guy you need to keep out of the discussion.

Holy shit. I cannot believe anyone seriously thought he was a candidate for surgeon general. This guy is insane. He's not one of those you're not dead until you're dead. He's all over the, why do we think anyone is ever dead. Keep him away from me.
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