walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

autumn good morning

Once we were sure B. was coming today, R. left for work. I had him put A. on my back in the Ergo. I suggested a walk to T. (A. effectively having limited choice, other than veto at this point), who immediately took off. He had gone on a walk a few days ago with M., R., A. and I, and then again on Friday with just M., A. and I. He knows the route -- it's our original 1 mile around the loop. The only issue is making sure he turns right on Spencer and not left, which would add another mile to the walk. Which we may one day do; I'm sure he has the stamina for it, but it is along busier streets.

Of course he acts just like he does on the bike: wandering all over the street to follow interesting asphalt patches on the road, checking out the leaves by the side, investigating or avoiding dogs and mailboxes that catch his attention. But there were only 2 or 3 cars through the entire time and they went slow and T. stayed out of the way. Good enough.

And A. sang, on and off, for most of the way, nonsense syllables, of course, as a reasonably happy one year old often does.

B. arrived at the house while we were gone and I was mildly concerned she would try to join us by car or on foot and go the same direction we had. In the event, she only got one house and decided it was too cold for how sick she still is, making her cough. So she went back and we all arrived back at the house in good cheer.

If you had told me this would work out even a week ago, I would have laughed until I cried and then mocked you. I'm still so stunned I figured I'd better write it down before I convinced myself it was all a dream.

ETA: Last night, R. and T. ran into D. and his wife somewhere (probably getting ice cream, but possibly a store) and R. told D. about T. not talking very much. Their comment (and these are, in R.'s words, among the most talkative people he knows), "Talking is overrated." On a day like today, I can believe it.
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