walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

cycling in the fall

Of course, everyone has to wear a jacket this time of year, which slows the out-the-door process slightly.

Today, I took T. around the subdivision in the morning. Later in the afternoon, I took him to Gardner park, where he played on the slide. When we got back, he saw A.'s seat (the Bobike mini) on the shelf, and wanted to put it on the Bianchi. We had taken our earlier rides on the Townie, since he's still under the weather and it seems to be less taxing for him. So after a brief trip inside to use the facilities and collect R. and A. (and get jackets on them), it was back out with R., T. and A. on the Bianchi, and me on the Townie. Of course I did not get a very good picture. :( Because I ran out of space on the crackberry. Should have brought a real camera; this thing has way less space on it than the Centro did.

I took A. in the stroller to go get veggie pad thai later, while R. and T. went to Kimball Farms for soft serve ice cream.
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