walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

sex scandals

I find this really tough to understand. We've got at least one Senator who we _know_ has frequented prostitutes, yet evaded even the ethics committees of both the Senate (because he wasn't a Senator at the time, he was in the House) and the House (because when the news came out, he was in the Senate), never mind prosecution by more ordinary people. We've got a handful of Republicans in office who either really conspicuously cheated on their spouses and then did funny stuff with money associated with that cheating -- or were somehow involved in enabling/brokering payoffs/what have you for the ones who were thinking with the little guy. And we have a director arrested for running after he pled guilty to statutory rape of a 13 year old girl, the details of the case being substantially worse than one might immediately assume.

And in the middle of this, a whole bunch of news organizations, on TV and in "print" (hey, I read them online) can work up some energy to speculate about whether David Letterman might be in legal trouble for playing hide the something or other with his staff.

Hmmm. Is it _news_ that he sleeps with the women who work for him? He dated the woman who thought up most of the signature components of the show. Does anyone _really_ think they weren't getting it on? Didn't he meet his current wife on the show?

This is shocking? This is news? Can we please go back to how David Vitter has not only _not_ resigned, but is running for re-election? Maybe discuss how Coburn, "I was giving advice as a doctor and a deacon and I will never ever ever rat him out" has revealed, well, a whole lot of juicy.

Or, failing that, could we pick on DeMent for backing the coup in Honduras? I mean, I _get_ that we can't bring ourselves to focus on real issues like cap-and-trade, or regulating health insurance. But getting worked about the idea that Dave is porking the help?
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