walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Judkins Park Spray Feature: an Official Fire Hydrant Experience

And it's kind of fun. There are two buttons, one of which controls towers that spritz out the top, and one controls two parallel walls-with-holes-in-them that sprays up and hits an outcrop and drips down. All good. There's a curbed basin, but the drain. . .drains. Lame. The intrepid locals are using cardboard to block the drain so there's at least a partial wading experience.

Child care and I went down withe the kid on shoulders and a backpack full of stuff that mostly (as usual) was not used. I'm thinking a return to Volunteer Park tomorrow, but we'll see.

The months-delayed Salus Bijoux has finally shipped, so that'll be a step closer to getting out in a kayak with the wee one. And speaking of wee. . .

In addition to bike trailers (safe, but distant, and hardly AP) and bike seats behind-the-seat, some companies make bike seats that attach to the top tube on a mountain bike, but those are mostly for older toddlers. I found Wee Ride, however, which attaches between seat and handlebars (by connecting to the yoke and the seat post -- there's a bar added, and then the seat connects to the bar). Best of all, it has a padded platform in front of the seat so if the little guy conks, his head will fall forward and rest (helmeted, of course). I'm all atwitter. With panniers behind and the little guy in front, we should be able to go to the market and do the grocery shopping. Only slightly uphill going to Madison Market, and uphill almost the whole way back. Whee!

I realize bike seats are less safe than trailers. I get that. But I'm no crazy rider, Teddy has been walking for months (never mind holding his head up) and I'll start on a bike path before attempting the streets.
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