walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Back in Seattle

But I get ahead of my story.

Rain, rain, rain. The wettest June (already) on record, and the second wettest May conspired to flood our basement in Brookline, NH once again. The water heater was damaged (leaking, slowly, but still working once relit). It has been replaced. The washing machine (a new Duet! Dammit!) was damaged; parts will arrive at some point in the near future, we hope. Not covered by warranty, because caused by being underwater. *sigh*

Let me draw you attention to the fact that we do EC with _cloth diaper backup_. Neither R. nor I was keen on the double whammy of buying and transporting disposables (from store, to dump and/or back to Seattle), so we washed them in the upstairs tub. We were willing to do this because the dryer continued to function perfectly. Child care (D.) and R. went to the laundromat one day with Teddy (an hour and a half alone for me! Whee!) one day to catch up on clothes and diapers.

We now have a proper sump pump, complete with a hole in our basement and a pipe out to the woods. Hopefully, this whole flooding thing is now under control. We'll see. Climate change predictions suggest wetter weather in New England over the coming years.

I screwed up on the return flight. The cheap southwest through flight with one stop? That stop was in Las Vegas. Ouch. Teddy and R. were troopers, but we were all durned tired by the time we got in yesterday. We are, however, feeling confident enough about travel to start working on trips to San Jose, CA and Spokane, to visit friends we will miss all too soon upon our return to Brookline in September. Speaking of which, I need to contact the movers.
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