walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

how not to write about trains


Words fail. Okay, here are a few anyway.

In the section that lists the various high speed corridors, the corridors are listed by name, and words like:

"Pacific Northwest Corridor (with stops in Eugene and Portland, Ore., Tacoma and Seattle, Wash., and Vancouver, British Columbia);"

What a useless piece of shit that would be. It should be written more like:

"Major cities served: Eugene and Porland, OR, Tacoma and Seattle, WA, and Vancouver, BC"

That at least is a close match to the Federal language at:


Obviously, this would not be useful service if it didn't stop in places like Everett, to name only one. We know they mean for there to be more stops than cities, based on the description of the Northeast Corridor, which already exists with high speed service:


But far more irritating is the focus on cars/GM are evil for engaging in monopolistic/anticompetitive practices. Because if the history of rail tells us one thing, it tells us that railroads do that, too. A lot.
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