walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: bookcases

This morning, at or before 7:15 a.m., there was a knock at the door. We had a delivery window from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and they arrived a full 15 minutes early. Yay. I feel bad for them, tho; they all had to go up to the third floor and there were eight of them. I was wondering if one of the poor guys was going to die of asthma or a heart attack or something. Ironically, not the smoker, judging by the smell of their clothes.

B. called to say she was extremely sick (this would be a huge understatement) in a way that I'd just as soon not expose my children to (I hate cleaning up after puking children. I don't mind snot, poop or pee. I do mind vomit.). I canceled my walk at 2 p.m. figuring I'd never have the energy for it and realized that since Wednesday is R.'s 3 p.m. weekly meeting that often goes until 5 p.m., I was really in for it today.

In a bizarre twist of good luck, however, my mother-in-law called to say she was in Mendon picking out some slabs of rock for her kitchen counter, and her navigator said that was 44 minutes from us; did I mind if she came to see her granddaughter? Oh, I so did not mind. I did not tell her I was hoping to exploit her free labor shamelessly while I picked up her grandson at the preschool. She was a great sport about it and took A. for a long walk in the stroller, then continued to entertain her while I attempted to keep T. out of trouble until R. came home.

Other incidents included: books out of boxes onto shelving! Laundry. A misunderstanding at the preschool. Taking T. directly from school to the park and learning there that he really wasn't interested in playing at the park, he just wanted to ride the bike.

But basically a really good day, considering how it could have gone, especially. Also very nice to see C.
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