walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

you know your sick child might be feeling better when..

(1) He starts talking again (I mean, to the degree he ever does). When I rode up on the bike, T. was in the play area. I waved and he told his aide, "Want mama!" Very clear!

(2) He won't take his bike helmet off upon arriving home, but instead wants to go out again immediately. So we did, altho I did get us some beverages.

(3) We go to the park, where he plays on the slide, the swings and the fire engine themed climber. For about 40 minutes, at which point he went looking for the bike.

(4) Upon arriving home (taking off bike helmet, shoes, lying down in driveway), he decides it's time to go ride his own bike, so off we went for a 2+ mile ramble around the subdivision, doing the big loop including the funeral home and the church.

His nose is running, and so was he. I am now tired.

Fortunately, after all that, he was willing to go inside briefly, altho he did want to be picked up and thrown on the couch a few times.
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