walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Dateline: Brookline, NH

Back on the East Coast. We arrived on Friday. But before we get ahead of our story. . .

The biting I mentioned in Tuesday's post continued Wednesday as a full-on nursing strike. Teddy was willing to nurse after naps and at night (all night), but refused the breast (biting and/or bawling after _requesting_ to nurse, dammit) while awake. I pumped and he got a few bottles. Since he'd never had an artificial nipple, we used cups initially, until I bought the Avent first sippy cup. We had to take the valve out of it at first because he didn't seem to realize he should be sucking on it.

What happened? Well, he'd had banana in the morning several days in a row, and hadn't pooped. I put about a tablespoon and a half of (organic, you know me, it has to be organic, right?) prune juice in a 4 oz bottle of water. About four hours later there was a massive log, a few boulders and some brown sludge (presumably that last was the prune juice). We also gave him some Benadryl (because he was having horrible allergies, which had the perfectly acceptable side effect of making him sleepy) and a tiny amount of Orajel on what seemed to be the sorest part of his gums. Thursday he nursed all day long (of course I was nervous every time, and there was some teeth scraping). Whew.

Friday we flew. Fortunately, this did not bring a return of the nursing strike, although he was really exhausted and cranky by the end of the day. (So were we.) Saturday we drove from Brookline, NH to Glastonbury, CT, and that was a little dodgy at the end, but we survived. The trip from Grandma's to the hotel at the end of the day was mercifully objectively short, because subjectively it was hellish -- he was tired and probably wet and screamed most of the way. People think he always smiles. People are wrong.

The ensuing Sunday and Monday trips to Grandma's were less eventful, and very enjoyable. Part of Saturday's problems involved cousins. The cousins are absolutely wonderful children, but they are quite young and they are very controlled, so they are very insensitive to feedback. Teddy couldn't take two steps without one of them being in his face, and of course the younger cousin was wherever his older sister was. Gack! Good news: I came up with a whole new block of chapters to write in the discipline topic about how (not) to communicate etiquette to small children. I've started one. I should also write a full description of the nursing strike.

I cannot believe how Teddy not nursing (much) for a mere two days caused me to panic so hard I resorted to such a long list of things I had hoped never to have to use.

While R. went to the airport to pick up child care, I took Teddy down to the library. I thought R. had taken the stroller to the airport in the trunk, as I did not see it in the house (it was in the garage. oops), so I took Teddy on my shoulders, switching to my hip when my neck got sore and back when my arms got tired. A mile this way is a bit of a trip. I got to see three of my favorite people in Brookline while at the library. Very fun. And there are lots of toys in the children's area for Teddy to play with, and it's okay for him to run around in circles.

Child care put Teddy to sleep remarkably quickly while I was eating dinner, so I'm typing this on the upstairs landing/hallway while Teddy sleeps on a futon in the office. My new toy (wireless card for the laptop) works JUST
FINE in Brookline. Whooppeee!
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