walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

shelbourne falls trolley!

I'm tempted to break out omgwtfbbq because I am so flabbergasted.


I am _so_ going to go ride that.

It's on 2, so a pretty straight shot. We could stop at the bike shop in Turners Falls and buy a Rans, maybe, make it a _really_ expensive day.

I cannot believe that I didn't know about this when we went out to Turners Falls to test ride a Rans. I absolutely would have detoured to go do that. Geez.



Oh, man, this is only a half hour from my mother-in-law's house where we are often desperately trying to figure out somewhere to take T. to keep him from going nuts.


ETAYA: I discovered the first of these because R. pointed me at the model RR center in West Acton, which I don't really feel very interested in, but figured I should go read about online. An article on WickedLocal:


Profile the shop and its owner, who is a motorman on that trolley some days. From that website, I found the Connecticut trolley

I've ridden trolleys (actually, quite a few), but only in urban settings. I have been utterly enchanted by Stilgoe's descriptions of rural trolleys and want to find out if they really are that fun, or if that's just Stilgoe being nutty again.
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