walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Real estate musings, one more time

In today's e-mail, the house across the street from the SuperFund site finally sold! Originally listed at slightly under $800K (we looked at it, it was nice, but it was a remodel from pre-no-lead days, which is problematic, but the superfund site across the street really did it in for us. Also, I was not so excited about Concord as about Acton), it sold for...$650K.


It took a while to sell, too, but that sort of goes without saying.

And in expensive condo land:


This is round 3 in condo auctions in our area (Concord had one, then Groton, and now Natick -- probably more that I didn't hear about). The Concord auction looks like it was somewhat successful in setting prices post-crash; I'm not so sure about the Groton one. That is some _deep_ discounting in Natick, but the Natick Collection hit very hard times.

R. thinks Natick has a train (Worcester to Boston), but since that line runs on CSX tracks, it has a dismal on-time record as it often gets delayed behind freight. We're not sure where the nearest stop is to the development. As an idea, it still seems fairly plausible to me, especially in a transition decade that involved a commute by train, and using a (short-range) electric vehicle for everything else that you couldn't do on foot. This kind of thing isn't going to satisfy someone who wants a real city, but if you really like suburbia, this might be a good compromise.
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