walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: recreational cycling!

T. and I have not had good success since the second week of August in terms of riding bikes together. He was getting a lot of bike time with B. during the short days and weeks off from preschool. When he got home, he wouldn't leave his helmet and shoes on. Also, the second week of August was really tough getting him home on the bike; for reasons I'm still unclear on, he kept getting upset and trying to get off the bike.

Today, however, no problems. I brought some chocolate milk and goldfish to snack on before heading home and I think that helped. We rode home and when we got there, he hung out for a few minutes and then asked to ride bikes. We spent over an hour rambling around the neighborhood, chatting with the mail carrier as he made his rounds. We did a full loop -- visiting the funeral home, the church half circle drive -- and then did loops in the subdivision streets.

Lots and lots of fun. I missed that.
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