walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: utility cycling

R. took T. to school on the trailabike today. I'll attempt to pick him up that way shortly. In the meantime, since B. showed up to watch A., I got to ride my bike over to do a little grocery shopping at the Roche Bros, and get the security tag removed from something I bought at TJ Maxx's on Friday. It left the store without setting the alarm off, but it was noisy going back in. :l

The trip on Friday was with A. I walked and pushed her in the stroller. It's been enough cooler lately to convince me to give it a try again. I have trouble walking when it's 90+ and there isn't enough shade.

I _should_ be putting together an evite for A.'s bday party but that may not happen until tomorrow. I should also be amending two years worth of taxes to reflect the K-1's I've received since filing them. *sigh* Instead, I'm playing FB games, shipping out a book on titletrader and putting a bunch of stuff away I haven't had time to get to recently. Someday I'll catch up.
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