walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

a bit more about the transit maps book

I was amused to see further detail on Calgary's CTrain, particularly that it is apparently run on wind power! Perhaps no one else finds it hilarious that in the middle of Canada's fossil fuels patch, the main city has a mass transit system running on wind power. Totally appropriate, of course, and quite sensible, which one would expect of Canada. Nevertheless, it made me laugh.

Also, again, should have expected my friend A., who loves trains and knew from her time in Germany what mass transit can and should be, to move to a town with train service, but I hadn't realized that she picked one of BART's termini. Smart!

My pile of requests has shown up at the library and my daughter A. and I went to pick them up. I was annoyed the whole time I was driving over there. I didn't dare take A. on the bike (we were going right next door to town hall, which seems like a bad place to be defying state law on age-of-child-on-bike, also she was about to fall asleep and her bike seat is not set up for that, finally, bit stack of books) but really wanted a bike ride today. I had hoped to have child care, but she canceled due to illness today. In any event, because of construction on 27, I could almost certainly have made the trip faster on the biked -- but A. fell asleep on the trip over, so I definitely made the right decision.

Fortunately, she was okay with being woken up, carried in, returned to her car seat, brought up to bed when we got home and nursed back down for her nap. Cooperative baby, altho perhaps I should be calling her a toddler, now that she is walking. And climbing the stairs if you turn your back on her for a few minutes, so R. installed a gate at the bottom last night.
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