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That White Stuff

Why we didn't get this on Xmas, I'll never know.

In any event, mud season is on hiatus, not because everything melted (altho it almost all had) and soaked into the ground and dried up. No, mud season is on hiatus because things are white again. I even had to shovel. My upper body will ultimately look better as a result, but that's little enough consolation now. It is looking more and more like the white stuff will continue to fall for the rest of the week.

Day 2 of Politics in the form of the Brookline-Hollis Combined School District Meeting ended in a timely fashion with the passage of the renovation by about 18 votes (your vote counts here). Record voting, at over 2100 people offering up an opinion. The latin class got support, as did the portables to deal with the overflow kids that would have had space in the renovation if it had been voted (or the new school had been voted) on successfully the first time it was up. The budget passed in several pieces, and other than that the meeting was largely uneventful. Next up: tomorrow evening is the Brookline Town Meeting. Today is voting on Brookline stuff, which I think I have irresponsibly decided not to participate in, because I'm so woefully underinformed (it's not likely I didn't have access to the local paper. I just didn't read the political bits. The bits about bears were more interesting).

While mud season was on, I went out in the (lowland) woods a couple of times on the North Shore. Friday I hiked around Ravenswood with a friend, and Saturday Roland and I poked around Parker River Wildlife Sanctuary. Both were pretty, but at this time of year, the Wildlife Sanctuary (with the ocean, and birds, and, most importantly, the binoculars) had a slight edge. Best of all, we have ordered a cake for the wedding, so I'm feeling just that little bit less worried about things getting done in time. We also have proposals from both caterers, which came in very similarly in price. It's obvious which one we're going with, however, because only one proposal bore any notable resemblance for what we'd asked for.

Last night I spent a half hour talking to Roland's aunt, who is non-denominational clergy. She graciously agreed to marry us, and having talked to her, I have vast confidence that she will do things in a way that we will be very happy remembering over the years. We have vows. We have a block hotel reservation. If only we had a florist and a DJ.

I have also followed my sister's path to ebay addiction. More on that later. Maybe.

I put lazy in the current mood because I'm feeling so lazy that I'm making bread. Yes, lazy. It's easier to make bread than it is to drive to the store. I can't wait until Lull Farm Stand is open again.

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