walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Gearhead Family

We went to REI today to get a helmet for Teddy. He's still too short to reach the pedals or ground in the tricycle (we're about an inchish in leg length away. *sigh*). But he gets the hold onto the handlebars part, and likes spinning the pedals with his hands (not to move the wheel -- just around). But we need the helmet now for the bike trailer anyway.

While we were there, we got R. some bicycling supplies (jersey, helmet -- his are falling apart -- and a few other odds and ends) and then stopped in paddling to look at their PFDs. They had the mti baby which goes to 30 pounds. I was going to have to cover the 25-30 pounds range when the Salus ran out, and it hasn't arrived anyway yet (just shipped Thursday), so I rationalized buying one for him. Next up: find a public pool open tomorrow with a family swim, so we can test it out and
then go kayaking on Monday. Optimistic, but hey.

I lust after the 4 person Hobitat.
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