walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: bicycling to hair cut, idylwilde

I haven't been on the bike much for the last two weeks. T. has been getting tons of bike time with B. and has dumped me as a cycling partner. It is sad. However, today, T. was with B., R. had A., and I went to get a haircut in West Acton. While I was there, I thought, hey, I'm halfway to Idylwilde and there's a pannier on this bike. Might as well go check it out.

Of course I luuuuuurrrrrvvvve Idylwilde now that I have been because it is mandatory I do not think you allowed to not love Idylwilde. But I am sincere and will return probably by bicycle despite the extremely dodgy rail crossing.

We did not cycle to lunch because I didn't want to go to Joe's. We went for sushi instead and fed bits of various things to A. (only cooked things! Okay, the avocado was not cooked. Nor was the seaweed.) who mostly swallowed them but did spit out a few things. The agedashi tofu was extremely yummy, but I think she liked the cooked salmon better, also the pork from R.'s katsu don. On the way home, we stopped at AAA to get a map but I am not impressed by it. It's a good map, but it's of too large an area for my purposes. R. told me there was a sidewalk map on the Acton town website which I eventually found and am now about to discover whether it printed out legibly.

The answer is, sort of. I may call the chamber of commerce and see if they have something better.
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