walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

what is the sound a wonk makes?

I'm not sure, but probably you can hear me making it right now.

I know no one can possibly care, but here:


You can find out just how all that measure 37 stuff turned out -- not. Because of course 49 came along later. So if you were to read _This Land_ and got curious about what happened with the Bentons land on Nunamaker Road near Hood River, OR, you could find out what the decision was (yes, Benton, you can go back to the rules as they were in 1977 when you got the land from dear old dad). But that isn't the whole story, quite clearly visible on Zillow, because no homes were ever built.

As near as I can tell, with the exception of the rare property like Wind wtf Estates, despite getting their claims in in a timely fashion, they did not successfully get through the subdividing and permitting process (even under the old rules) fast enough to beat Measure 49, much less actually build -- hardly surprising, given that the housing cycle peaked as they were filing their claims.

While Flint contrasts a Republican who wanted to subdivide and sell out (Benton) with a Republican who wants to keep housing at a good distance so he could do Farm Crap without hearing about it from the parents with small children next door (Nemarnik), you can also go peruse federal campaign donations for the region. It's pretty clear that Benton's politics are not the politics of his neighbors, and that may well have hurt his case, as well as the cases of innumerable other property rights activists who were surprised that their overturning of zoning got re-overturned right quick when people realized that it wasn't about 93 year old women who wanted to build a couple houses for their children (well, one assumes by that point grandchildren, a flaw in the storyline if you ask me), but rather landlords of farmland looking to grab a gold ring.

I feel like I should quit poking through the carcass of property rights activists hopes and dreams in Oregon and go see how that turned out in Washington, because I _know_ some related shit was going down there, too.



Looks like 2006 was the high water mark for property rights folk. Surprise.
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