walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

a bit more about Oregon, _This Land_, etc.

When Flint wrote _This Land_ (which, by the way, I was not entirely fair to when I said he wasn't covering the larger economic environment very well. I still haven't seen any indication he recognized the boom, but he definitely grasps the developer/lobbying/conservative thing going on with the backlash, I just hadn't gotten to that chapter yet), Measure 37 (property rights over 30 years of anti-sprawl/farmland/openland protection) had passed and Measure 49 had not yet happened yet (oh, dear, maybe that wasn't such a great idea). John Abrams of Yamhill County got what he wanted, and as a result, West Wind Country Estates is currently being marketed as "green real estate" just outside the old growth boundary -- nice timing on the bust!

But not everyone sneaked in that tiny window in which to sue, win and build. Want to read more?



I'm on the side of the growth boundary. I hope everyone involved in West Wind Country Estates gets screwed and goes bankrupt, and I'm prepared to include in that anyone who thinks that buying in that location is somehow "green", regardless of how the buildings themselves are constructed. I _like_ European towns and cities, which a clear demarcation: here end the attached townhouses and apartments and right next to them are working farms. It means you can get on public transit and take a ride out to the end of the line and hang out in the countryside, have a picnic, whatever.

But realistically, it looks like it might be a bit of a battle getting there from here, and I bet Measure 37 won't be the only setback along the way.


And a bit more of the aftermath of the two measures: conservation land trusts are willing to pony up to make sure land stays protected -- they don't trust the guv'mint to do it any more.

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