walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

republicans are mean

Not all of them, of course. But some of them are _really_ ratcheted up about illegal immigrants having access to health care in this country. Obviously, none of the proposals being contemplated cover illegal immigrants (for that matter, I think _legal_ immigrants aren't eligible for MassHealth anymore). But we let anyone go to the emergency room, and apparently some Republicans would like to see illegal immigrants be turned away from the ER. Never mind how that would be implemented (gack! Now when we're bleeding to death from a car accident we not only have to show up with our health insurance card, we need to have our birth certificate or passport or green card, too?!). Just think about it: immigrants show up here with small children. We're going to turn away some 4 year old from the ER after a car accident (odds on, right?) because she was brought to this country illegally by her parents when she was 18 months old?

That's just _mean_.

I don't _care_ if this is someone making hay while the rhetorical sun shines. That's just _mean_.
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