walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Yesterday's Activities include: bookstores!

I went to a used bookstore in Concord (Barrow) and H. bought me a C.W. Anderson book (_Head Up and Heels Down_)! I'd forgotten about Anderson, but promptly went online and ordered me up a copy of _Afraid to Ride_. Yes, it's a sad truth: I, too, went through a horse thing. H. and I also went to Second Hand Prose in Acton, where I bought two books by Katie Mcalister (probably spelled wrong) and something about girls feeling they have to be perfect and how that's a problem but that isn't the Ophelia book. Fun stuff!

A few days ago (maybe last Saturday? or Friday?) I ordered new bookcases for the 4th bedroom/office. I can't _wait_ till they show up. Of course that is just an expression because I'll be waiting for a while, I feel sure.

I also bought expensive coats for the kids at fritz and gigi, IIRC. Definitely a ridiculously expensive kids clothing shop in Concord.
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