walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: cake, present opening, a group bike ride

Last night, our houseguests arrived, which was very, very fun. Their eleven year old son watched T. for us while we ate breakfast, which was extremely helpful. Then they were off to return a car and tour Boston; I look forward to their update when they return this evening.

T.'s riding lesson was initially delayed, and then canceled due to the heat and humidity, but while they were off to attempt it (not realizing it had been canceled entirely), I frosted the chocolate cake (with all-purpose white flour -- nothing healthy here! Okay, I used canola oil instead of a solid margarine). R.'s mother and stepdad arrived, as did B. and B. R. (B.'s grandfather and R.'s old neighbor-across-the-street) was unable to make it as he had to go back to the hospital again. This is sad and exhausting for everyone and worrisome. Hopefully the doctors will get it figured out this time.

T. actually _opened presents_. As in, removed wrapping paper. This may not be amazing to anyone else, but T. has _never ever ever_ been willing to do this. The crinkly paper goodness that every other baby and small child loves? So not interested. It perhaps helped that there was a very small group of people present. Grandma wanted to know what to get him, and I suggested a kid sized backpack and a motorcycle toy. She found an ATV toy with some kind of creature riding it -- he really like that and played with it throughout the festivities. She got him a Thomas the Tank Engine backpack and he wore that for a while. Many pictures were taken and I may post mine after a bit.

T. willingly opened every single wrapped present and dug through some of the bags before he decided enough was enough and started packing everything back into one of the gift bags (including other, unrelated toys lying within arm's reach). Kinda cute.

Then we had cake and ginger ale, and sang Happy Birthday to him, and four of us (me, my mother-in-law, B., and T.) went for a bike ride on my two bikes and the Santa Cruz mountain bike I bought for R. when we were living in Seattle. B. really liked the mountain bike. I told him it was expensive. Which it was -- about double the total amount of money spent on my two bikes and all their sundry accessories.

Later, R. took T. to McD's for fries and nuggets. A very happy b-day to T., who is now 4, and who I think had a very good day.

ETA: A. has taken to hanging onto a balloon string as she crawls around.
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