walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

9 month checkup yester-evening

This was entertaining. We had told our doc (a resident) on the last visit (a month ago) that Teddy was cruising one handed really well. So when she asked how he was doing this time, we said he was running around. She asks crawling? We say, no, running. Cruising? No, running. And we put him down and he started walking all over. Could have knocked her over with a feather.

No one has been so rude as to actually say, You're so cute. You new parents. You think your baby is so amazing. You have no idea what independent walking _really_ means.

Yeah. Whatever.

I should be clear. Our doc is way cool, and we're going to miss her when she leaves in a couple months. She's very cooperative about modifying the vaccine schedule, supportive of extended breastfeeding -- says we're doing everything perfectly. But she just does not seem to really believe us when we tell her what Teddy does. She didn't believe us the first time we told her about EC, either. *shrug*

I'm taking another break from discipline books, after an extended discussion with R. Parenting books in general are pretty bad -- right up there with diet, fitness, nutrition books. People write a lot of stuff that is trivially obviously untrue, and some other stuff that has been documented in detail to be untrue (obvious or not) and is dangerous to continue to believe. And they make recommendations without any apparent understanding of how people actually successfully apply advice and make changes for the better in their lives. Fine. I can understand that an entire genre of books sucks (don't get me started on management books!). But _why_?!

R.'s answer is the simple, perennial: stupid people. Stupid people writing. Stupid people editing. Stupid people publishing. Stupid people buying. Okay. I'll take a break then, because there's no reason to be in a hurry to read all the stupid books first; might as well enjoy some of the good ones now and then.

I pulled _Mothering Your Nursing Toddler_ off the shelf, where it has sat since January, because I hit a point where I needed to read another book about breastfeeding more or less the way I could use still more holes in my head (happy with the ones I have, thank you, trepanning is not for me). I immediately laughed at Martha's remarks (read this at 9 months for a look ahead -- sorry, the kid is already toddling, and even has toddler sense of humor. Too late.). Then I started reading, and before I escaped the introduction, Bumgardner was slamming early potty training. Because extended use of diapers is so natural for children. Oy.

It's an interesting book, and after the discipline books, my complaints here seem quaint.
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