walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

In Today's Activities: Driving behind a car with a high-wheeler on it

I went to go pick up T. because B. had an appointment at 4:15 so she couldn't drive him back down here. I was about 5 cars behind this penny farthing-strapped-to-a-car when I first spotted it on Great Road after getting off 495. I got my cell phone out to snap a picture when the road picked up a turn lane and a second lane at the Groton Shaw's, but then I thought, hey, I'm the second car back now, I might be able to get some real pictures. So I got out my camera and took a zillion pictures at 3X (max optical zoom on my point-and-shoot), basically, every time the road zigged. And _then_ that damn altima between me and the pfar left! I had all of Hollis street between the rotary and the intersection with Brookline St (where I had to turn off) to get pictures. This is the best of them.

Pfar on a car! I bet they live in Hollis.
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