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sausage! Ew!


In related news, a Tampa town hall involved fisticuffs and required police intervention. There have been death threats against Democratic reps (also hanged in effigy). At least some of the people showing up to Town Halls are telling local Fox affiliates that they are not people represented by the Reps doing the Town Halls. Some other conservatives at the Town Halls who wanted to ask questions about health care reform never got a chance to because of the brownshirt tactics -- and are openly wondering about how they now feel about this whole thing.

But best of all, Fox News has found senior citizen Vets who are canceling their AARP memberships because AARP supports health care reform. They're worried about having to wait in line for their next (extremely expensive but they won't have to pay for it because it's done by the VA) surgery (altho I'm not clear on why they think health care reform for everyone else is going to impact the VA). And at one Town Hall, after an organizer had his crew raise hands in opposition to socialized medicine, the Rep asked how many people had VA or Medicare -- and about half that crew raised hands.

So either these are the "bleed the beast" crowd, or they are hypocrites, or they are "they got mine" or they just don't know what any of these words means. Yup, I _get_ they are mad because they are being lied to. But I think they have incorrectly identified who is doing the lying.

Life at the sausage factory. Or death, as the case may be.
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