walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Recent activities include: it was roseola, green cheeks, new pannier

The Arkels (a particular brand, my old panniers. Panniers are bags which attach to the sides of bike racks. That is an oversimplification, btw. By the way) do not fit on the Moose Rack (a bike rack made by Burley, and Oregon bike-maker) when the Kazoo (a trail-a-bike which attaches to that rack, also made by Burley) is attached. This sucks, because I don't have other cargo options on the Bianchi (a bicycle maker, my blue bike) when taking T. to preschool on the Kazoo.

I sent e-mail to Burley and Belmont WheelWorks (a good, regional bike shop in Belmont, MA) asking for suggestions. I liked Belmont's idea of modifying the connections on the Arkels, but didn't feel like waiting until I had time to take the bike (including the Kazoo) down to make sure the modifications would work. So I ordered another pannier (Avenir Metro 2.0, IIRC, if I recall correctly) which fits just fine. Probably not as secure, and definitely not waterproof, but that's okay. Works great.

The green cheeks are the bruises on T.'s cheeks from his accident last week. Obviously, no serious concussion. The bruises are very faded, but still look a little odd.

The high fever that A. had, which tylenol didn't touch but ibuprofen brought right, eventually ended and was followed immediately by a light pink rash. My neighbor said her younger son has roseola (which I may be spelling incorrectly) and that's exactly how it went. So I figure that's what A. had, too. The rash is now fading.
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