walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

wouldn't it make more sense if...

I got to thinking, after reading Plotz and Lobdell.

Pedophilia is built into the Bible. Specifically, in Ezekiel 16.


And wouldn't that whole Jesus-died-for-x's-sins make more sense if x was God than us? I mean, who kept screwing around with humanity in a really vicious and immoral way? If you accept the Trinity, and that God came to Earth as a man to die for us all, and through suffering would come salvation, maybe what that _really_ was was God saying, wow, I've really put you all through it. And I'm probably going to keep doing it, too. So, to show you I really love you, I'll put myself through it as well. You know, do unto others.

Heck, maybe He gets off on it.

Mind you, I've never accepted the Trinity, so this doesn't help me any, because it's just God killing someone else in some creepy moral/ethical/theological system that doesn't make any sense. At least in urban fantasy it isn't _expected_ to make sense.
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