walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

time wasting

I haven't even gotten out of my PJs yet, which is kinda weird since I'm normally out on the bike with T. in the morning. But with A. sick, R. has been taking him to preschool and today they went up to drop T. with B. and R. went to the CSA and Costco. A. is asleep again, so I'm just wasting time online and watching TV and reading a book. The book is good -- I should have it done in a day or so and it'll be fun to review.

The TV is The Dish, and they just mentioned Aniston's Pumas (a movie -- about a 30 something woman, which given that it is in pre-production right now, is a little annoying. Aniston is a few months older than me. What is that, thirty-ten?), Cox's Cougar Town (a television show) and made a joke about Lisa Kudrow's web series _The Horny Ocelot_. While I was attempting to figure out if the first two listed were real (or just fictional, as the third one is -- I hope), I stumbled across stories about a return of V.

Eeeek. Do you think they'll finally explain what happened with Elizabeth, Kyle and the Leader?
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