walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

No child care on Friday

Normally this means I don't get time to read anything, but, napping was good.

R. helped the Tedster and I pick up some stuff at Seattle Lighting to deliver to the condo for the ongoing, increasingly beautiful bathroom remodel. Mmmmm, bamboo flooring is pretty. I think I want that in the dining area, now, too. Maybe enough to qualify as a pocket dance floor.

We dropped R. at work, then proceeded to the condo, so the Tedster could get his monthly dose of doggy germs from Charlie. Teddy toddled through the living room, kitchen, onto the deck, where he showed the good sense not to get down on his knees (pebbly painful surface) into the bedroom, then back again. He wanted to play with the construction tools, but no freaking way. I am crazy, but come on.

No fumes; this is why I let him look around.

He woke up from the nap as I was working on this post. Ah, well.

Today we went out to breakfast at Coastal Kitchen with former co-workers. Been a while since I've seen either one of them; one has reproduced (has a one year old baby girl who he _did not bring with him_ dammit, or his wife, who I haven't seen since their wedding). R. and I went bicycling while child care was here for a couple hours. I do _not_ like hills, even ones that go down if they are steep. I'm not used to them yet.

We went up and down the hallway again with a ribbon this time (last time was fabric tape). Lots of fun.

After about a week of not catching any pees, and even missing some poops, we are back on track, catching most of everything. Yay!
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