walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Destined for an Early Grave_, Jeaniene Frost (kindle)

I think this is #4 in the Night Huntress series, but I could be off by one. Hopefully not by more than one. It would be damn confusing to start the series here.

In earlier entries, we met Catherine/Cat/Kitten, a half-vampire, half-human. Cat's hobby was luring full vampires to their death. Of course, that wasn't what they thought she was luring them to. Bones, a vampire she does not successfully kill, convinces her that her mother was not correct in believing all vampires are Teh Evil, then teaches Cat some more tricks. There was also this thing about faking Bones death and working for teh gov-mint to kill and/or capture the undead and then Bones coming back for her and then, most recently, there was an Epic Battle. There's been stuff about vampire sires and vampire grandsires and vampire politics and vampire marriage and vampire divorce and Cat's mom and Rodney the ghoul and blah, blah, bleeping blah.

In this somewhat odd and unexpected entry, we learn that when Cat was 16 and still Catherine, a different vampire greeneyed her mom into trusting him, kidnapped Cat and forced her to vampire-marry him. Tricky, since there is no divorce. Of course, as anyone who has ever spent a chunk of their life thinking divorce was not an option knows, if you can't divorce someone you don't want to be married to, then the remaining obvious choices are (a) running away and hooking up with someone else and/or (b) murdering the jackass who won't let you go.

On the one hand, the premise of the book makes very little sense. We've heard nothing about Gregor up to this point, and who makes these laws anyway, and she was able to mystically join bloody hands with Bones and whatever. On the other hand, if you're going to have problems like that, you probably shouldn't be reading this particular brand of trashy fiction.

In addition to suffering from the, oh, by the way, years ago blah blah bleeping blah, problem, this entry opens up a whole bunch of new territory for the series. We have Law Guardians. We have a new kind of vampire (Cat) who drinks undead blood and picks up powers through that blood (because we didn't see _that_ coming). We have Marie Leveau in New Orleans. And Mencheres has lost his precognitive visions. Cat and Bones would be the biggest bad of the biggest bad in this new world (subject to some of their buddy big bads), except for those Law Guardians. Not clear whether Frost intends to put this couple to rest or if she's going to keep passing out new problems and new powers to solve them in future entries.

She _is_ spinning off a series involving Denise. And clearly, Don is dying and there will be some kind of subplot associated with that somewhere, altho whether that will happen in the spinoff, or in the Nighthuntress series, or in a short story, I have no idea.

Should you read Frost's Night Huntress series? Well, if you find it twistedly appealing that the One Person Cat decides to talk to right before she's turned from half-human/half-vammpire to Full Vampire With Extra Special Cool Powers and Diet, is The Lord (as in Jesus), maybe. I'll keep reading it, mostly because Frost hasn't done anything to stop me yet.
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