walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

sicker baby, injured pre-k-er

A. was a little better this morning, but deteriorated, so R. made an appointment which is where they are now. We were getting 102.3 in the armpit after she'd had tylenol an hour previously. Ibuprofen brought it down, but there comes a time when you go, hey, the liver is a limiting factor. We'd like to know what the problem is. R. got out the Special Ear Thermometer which I cannot get to work, but which he figured out with help from a Medical Professional. He thinks one of her ears is infected.

It seems like this happens whenever she has a well baby visit. Before you say, she catches something at the well baby visit, it happens _before_ she gets to the well baby visit. And before you say, well, she's just getting them quarterly or whatever, this particular visit got canceled and rescheduled. I mean, it's a little eerie.

T.'s injury happened when I wasn't looking. He'd turned a corner into the funeral home parking lot, in front of the funeral home and there was a stone wall blocking my sightline until I turned a corner. By the time I got around the corner, he was partway under the temporary disabled ramp and his bike was even further under it. I _think_ he somehow ran into it, smacked his face on the ramp, and then his bike kept going, sort of, leaving him behind. No blood, but there are some nasty marks on his cheekbones. I think I should send e-mail to the school's psychologist to pre-empt the otherwise inevitable, why are you abusing your child question.

While I was napping with A., R. was watching TV downstairs with T., who fell asleep. I made him some dinner, but he just isn't really waking up completely. He wakes up a bit, adjusts and then falls asleep again. Very odd. He didn't eat much today, either, which makes me wonder if he's coming down with something. OTOH, he did talk. A lot, apparently.
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